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Friendly and Economical Lawn Care Service in Moreno Valley and Riverside. Local, Fast, Friendly, Reliable, Family owned lawn care service.

Moreno Valley Lawn Care treats and maintains lawns, turning them from tired, weed infested grass areas, to lawns you can be proud of. We don't simply cut grass, weed borders and trim hedges. We help you create a yard that will bring enjoyment to the whole family. Our basic lawn care services, which in most cases cost less than doing it yourself, will allow you to focus on what you enjoy, instead of working to maintain your lawn and yard. We also offer house cleaning, to make the exterior match your great looking lawn. We can also maintain your sprinkler system to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper amount of fresh water, to ensure a healthy, happy lawn.

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We are determined to please every one of our great clients and we back it up in writing. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, or you don't pay.

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We save our clients $100's in two ways. Our rates are super reasonable and we would never sell you anything you don't need or want.

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We have many references for you to call about the quality of our work and our great crew. We promise to exceed your expectations.

6 Classic Ways to Revitalize Your Lawn


In the fall, fertilize your lawn with an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio of 3-1-2 or 4-1-2. The ratio doesn't need to be exact, but do try to get a product with similar amounts. Plan to use approximately 1 pound of fertilizer per 1,000 square feet of lawn and always follow the package directions. Applying too much fertilizer will not help your grass and, in fact, may damage it.


Thatch is the buildup of dead roots and stems that develop between the soil and the green grass blades. If you have just a little buildup, you can use a hard rake or a thatching rake to remove the dead grass, but if you have more than 1/2 inch you'll need a power rake.


Best done in Spring, but if you have too much thatch you'll want to core aerate in the Fall. Core aeration removes plugs of soil, increasing the soil's ability to receive water, air and fertilizer.

Control weeds

September and October are the best months to control perennial broad leaf weeds like clover and dandelions. These weeds are busy taking in sun and nutrients to get them through the winter months, so that means they are open to receiving weed killers as well. If you have just a few weeds, pull them out by hand, but more numerous weeds may require additional tactics or chemicals — either organic or non-organic.

Sow grass seeds

If you have large bare areas left by weed removal or simply need to establish a new or extended part of your lawn, mid-August to mid-September is the best time to sow grass seeds. Before you sow, be sure you have prepared the soil correctly to get the best results. Till the soil at least 6 inches deep, add 1/2 to 1 inch or so of compost or peat, rake the soil smooth and sow the seeds. Water in well and keep the soil consistently moist until after the new growth emerges, or about 6 weeks.

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I'm glad I answered the door when Sean knocked. Now my wife doesn't worry about when the lawn will get mowed.

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I never had the time for a healthy and green lawn until I hired Sean. Our kids now have an inviting place to play.

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Sean's always doing the extra little things that make having a lawn service worthwhile.

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